Countless dollars are wasted each year on unclaimed warranties. Fleetrock automatically tracks and flags warranty conditions during the repair order process, saving you time and money.

Save money

Don't let your warranties go unclaimed. Fleetrock saves money by simplifying warranty management.

Save time

Load your warranty data into Fleetrock and forget about it. We'll let you know when you need it.

Track data

Analyze repair data and measure warranty savings. Use Fleetrock to better understand your business.

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Powerful features to simplify warranty management.

Fleetrock optimizes the repair order process and helps reduce unnecessary costs.

Easily add single warranty and/or bulk add

Fully customize warranty conditions

Track asset warranties

Track part warranties

Fully integrates with the repair order process

Get notified when warranty conditions are met

Analyze cost savings in analytics

Track and monitor repair progress in real-time

Access from the Fleetrock mobile app

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