Dramatically simplify asset management and boost operational efficiency with Fleetrock. Create permission-based hierarchies, manage costs, and easily track all the data that affects your business.

Lifecycle management

Uncover cost-saving opportunities by understanding the full financial picture of vehicle ownership.

Telematics integration

Integrate with a growing list of providers such as Geotab, KeepTruckin, Verizon Connect, and more.

Streamline operations

One platform for fleet management, repair order management, scheduled maintenance, and analytics.

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Powerful features to simplify asset management.

Fleetrock provides all the tools you need to manage your mobile assets and fully optimize your fleet.

Automatically import vehicle specs using VIN

Organize units into groups and create a hierarchy

Assign group-level permissions

Track accessories, lease, permits, and warranties

Receive expiration notifications

Assign drivers and track history

Attach notes, attachments, and custom data

Use telematics to track mileage, location, and faults

Access data via API

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