Connect your existing GPS hardware to Fleetrock and automatically capture telematics data, making it easier to keep up with preventive maintenance and respond quickly to vehicle issues.

Capture data

Odometer and engine hour readings are updated automatically and trigger maintenance reminders.

Track your fleet

Know where your fleet is at all times. Receive location data and view precise vehicle location in real-time.

Fix problems

Download fault codes and descriptions to proactively monitor and fix problems as soon as they arise.

"The best-in-class integrations have allowed us to reduce our overhead and reduce cost while increasing our overall effectiveness."

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Monitor and manage your fleet with ease.

Fleetrock's telematics integration streamlines your workflows and optimizes fleet performance.

Automatically keep your assets up-to-date

View locations in real-time

Create issues from fault readings in one click

Track total distance in analytics

Automatically add data to repair orders

Connect to multiple telematics providers

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