For Vendors

Streamline operations with an all-in-one shop management system

Very easy process to enter information, saved our technicians 10-15 minutes every time they entered a repair.

- Regional Vendor

You guys are stellar! I have seen a lot of systems and this is by far the easiest to use.

- Regional Vendor

The Fleetrock Platform Includes:

  • Complete shop management system for repairs, technicians, and parts
  • Built-in communication with customers for service issues and approvals
  • Simplified estimate, invoice, and billing workflows
  • Gain deep insight into repair process and quality with powerful analytics

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What is the value of using Fleetrock?

  • Ability to build hierarchy in company’s image (unit level and location level detail)
  • Simplified but detailed repair order entry
  • Advanced workflow embedded throughout repair process
  • Dashboards for metrics and advanced analytics
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Vendor optimization
  • Transactional review of estimates and repair orders
  • Compliance oversight for maintenance scheduling
  • Quality review of maintenance service events
  • Analysis of KPI’s and customer review

Can a Service Provider utilize Fleetrock for day-to-day operations?

Yes! If a customer is active in the Fleetrock system, those vehicles will be partitioned for the service provider to see, and there is no charge for system access. If a service provider wants to use the platform for their shop management system, and their customers are not currently signed onto Fleetrock, then there is a small monthly fixed charge per asset.

How much does Fleetrock’s platform cost?

If the vendor is using the system in coordination with a Fleetrock customer or our coordinators, then there is no cost to the vendor.

How do Service Providers get paid?

When service providers are working directly with Fleetrock, and Fleetrock is managing the maintenance process on behalf of our Customers - service providers are paid by Fleetrock. If a customer is using the Fleetrock system, we can use that information as our invoice detail. If the vendor sends us (via e-mail or mail) an invoice directly, it must match what has already been agreed to in the estimate process. Fleetrock will then issue payment directly to the service provider. Fleetrock’s standard payment terms are 30 days, but typically will pay quicker when the process is followed accurately.

How will a Service Provider be notified of upcoming work?

Fleetrock will offer a schedule, as well as email updates and phone calls as to when new units are in need of repair or PM.


Leverage world-class technology with our all-in-one platform

Asset Management

Easily manage, track, and group your assets by permission-based hierarachy.

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Repair Management

Dramatically simplify the repair order process while improving visibility.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Quickly schedule and monitor preventative maintenance for your entire fleet.

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Issue Management

Maximize uptime and efficiency with our end-to-end issue management system.

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Unit Inspections

Maintain compliance and eliminate paperwork with fully integrated inspections.

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Parts Management

Keep track of inventory and avoid purchasing and storing unnecessary parts.

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Warranty Management

Automatically recover costs by linking warranties to vehicles and parts.

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Telematics Integration

Connect your GPS to Fleetrock to automatically capture telematics data.

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Billing Management

Simplify repair billing with summarized statements and easy payment options.

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Vendor Connections

Fleetrock allows customers and vendors to connect directly and work together.

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To Do List

Quickly create, assign, and track tasks that happen outside the repair process.

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Data Analytics

Reduce complexity and drive cost-saving decisions with powerful data analysis.

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